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Capsarii Medical Solutions is deeply commited to healthcare excellence. We strive to work alongside our Doctors and our Clinicians in Specialty areas such as Anesthesia, Respiratory Care, Critical Care, and EMS in their mission to deliver high quality patient care. Providing modern, innovative, and up to date medical solutions to improve patient outcomes, reduce length of stay, save time, and reduce cost.

Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer. Our unique service and combined experience of 21 years has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our Clinicians, Healthcare Providers, and Patients.

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Langlade Memorial Hospital
Bob Raganyi, BS, RRT
Antigo , Wisconsin
(715) 623-9241

DHD Acapella

My staff and I have used the acapella for about three months now with great results. The ease of use for the patient and family is a big plus. We have a large elderly population that uses our hospital and we find that many of them do better with the acapella than an incentive spirometer.

I recently had a male patient in his 40s and we had tried to induce a sputum on him with zero results. His x-ray showed some atelectasis starting, so I started him on the acapella. After the second cycle, he was able to give me a large sputum sample to take to lab. This patient used the device on his own four to six time per day.

I want to thank Doug Blake for always introducing new products to me. Thanks. 

Rachelle Wood, RPSGT, RCP, BS
Regional Director
MN Lung/MN Sleep Institute

Thanks for all of your help so far. I really appreciate it.
Just wanted you to know this.
Happy Friday the 13th.
(Emailed 4/13/12)