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New Product 9/13

Capsarii Medical Solutions would like to welcome The Medisize HME BOOSTER:

Active humidification without the cost and complications.

Inline with your standard vent circuit.

No more heated wire circuits no more "rain out"

Cost savings

Check it out on YouTube: (Click Here)


New Product


The  Worlds first Disposable Full Face Gel Mask for NIV (click here)


The Sentec Digital Monitoring System

Overcome the limited capabilities of the o2/co2 cannula and end tidal CO2.

New 2nd generation digital technology (July 2011) overcomes limitations of “outdated” analog units




The USCOM Hemodynamic Noninvasive Cardiac Monitor

USCOM is a specialised ultrasound device designed for non invasive, high fidelity measurement of cardiovascular function. These measurements can be used to assess and manage hemodynamics. USCOM is a safe, rapid, accurate and cost effective method for managing circulation.

 USCOM takes advanced hemodynamics beyond the ICU.






MedStrap Holster

Every year in the United States approximately 2 million patients develop hospital-acquired infections, from which up to 100,000 die. Of all patients entering a hospital, 5-10% contract a drug-resistant infection that they did not have prior to admission.

There are over 40 million surgical procedures in the United States per year for which patients are admitted to a hospital or surgical center. Since this represents only a portion of the millions of hospitalizations associated with nonsurgical procedures, the potential for morbidity and mortality becomes a significant consideration.


Babi.Plus Infant CPAP System

Babi.Plus Bubble nCPAP System was designed to provide a simple method for delivery of Bubble CPAP that will allow for focus on the infant and not the devices. The patent pending design delivers accuracy and stability throughout the course of therapy.

Babi.Plus Bubble nCPAP System is comprised of:

•Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve
•Babi.Plus Cannula Kit
•Babi.Plus 12.5 cm H2O Pressure Relief Manifold with Oxygen Sensor Port
•Venti.Plus Pole Clamp



BCI® Capnocheck® II Capnograph System

Hand held and battery operated. (Includes battery and charger)

Monitors patients ranging from pediatric to adult

Adjustable alarm limits, visual and auditory alarms,

infrared link to an external printer

Available with (#100-8400) or without Pulse Oximetry (#100-8401)

We have all the Smiths BCI Capnograph Units


Nonin Onyx 9590 Vantage

Available in 4 colors. Purple, Red, Blue, and Black.

All other Nonin Products available. Request Literature at info@capsarii.com

  LTV Series Ventilator's

Choose a versatile emergency ventilator
The LTV Series 1200 ventilator supports infant,pediatric and adult patients in ICU,ER and patient transport with invasive or noninvasive ventilation pre-sets (Learn More)

  ReVel Ventilator PTV Series

The ReVel portable critical care ventilator provides high performance ventilation on the fly for your pediatric to adult patients weighing at least 5 kg.The ReVel features the patented ActivCore gas delivery system. (Learn More)

  EnVe Ventilator PTV Series

A full-featured yet mobile ventilator

The EnVe ventilator is a small mobile ventilator that provides intensive care for patients from the ICU and ER to long-term care--with high end performance. Only 9.9 lbs and modular. the ventilator detaches and moves with patients through care areas reducing circuit disconnection needs while maintaining critical ventilation. (Learn More)